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Rugantino was the first Italian musical to be successful on Broadway. This was not an easy goal. As Garienei says, exporting the musical to America was "similar to trying to sell watches in Switzerland."
After its extraordinary debut at the Teatro Sistina...
Rugantino is a musical comedy created by Garinei and Giovannini, written in collaboration with Pasquale Festa Campanile, Massimo Franciosa and Luigi Magni. It debuted for the first time at the Teatro Sistina in Rome, Italy, on December 15th, 1962. It immediately entered...
Dear Rugantino,
With great respect I write to you, as I am younger than you; you being conceived in 1962 and me in 1966. Tonight my friend, I must face your audience, the people of our city that you represent, hoping...
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